VBA Library

I have put together a little collection of utility functions for Excel VBA.

You may download it here:

Feel free to use the functions in your project (be it commercially or not) or copy and modify them as you desire.

Currently there are three modules:

  • libArrays contains functions to work with arrays (currently contains only one function to check vba arrays for equality)
  • libOffice contains functions to talk to MS Word and MS Outlook from within Excel
  • libRanges contains some basic range navigation and editing commands
  • libStrings provides a few string processing functions
  • libVB contains functions to deal with VBA code within excel projects

Here is a list of all functions.

The documentation has been generated using NaturalDocs, a free Doxygen-like documentation system that understands Visual Basic.

If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a mail.

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