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 countDigitsInString(s As String)As Integer
 createWordDocument(Optional template As String)As Object
 equal(array1 As Variant,array2 As Variant)As Boolean
 exportVBModule(name As String,filepath As String)
 findContactsInOutlook(firstname As String,lastname As String)As Collection
 getNumberFromString(s As String)As Integer
 getOutlook()As Object
 getWord()As Object
 incrementLastNumberInString(s As String,increment As Integer)As String
 reimportVBModule(name As String,filepath As String)
 replaceInString(target As String,replacee As String,replacer As String)As String
Public Function countDigitsInString(As String) As Integer
Returns the number of digits within s.
Public Function createWordDocument(Optional template As String) As Object
Opens Word (if it isn’t open), then creates and returns a new Word document.
Public Function equal(array1 As Variant,
array2 As Variant) As Boolean
Checks two given arrays for equality
Public Sub exportVBModule(name As String,
filepath As String)
Exports the VBA module named name to the file given by filepath.
Public Function findContactsInOutlook(firstname As String,
lastname As String) As Collection
Opens Outlook and returns all contacts with the given first and last name
Public Function getNumberFromString(As String) As Integer
Returns the number that results, if all numeric characters in s are concatenated.
Public Function getOutlook() As Object
This function returns a MS Outlook application object.
Public Function getWord() As Object
This function returns a MS Word application object.
Public Sub goDown(As Range)
Move range r down by one row
Public Sub goLeft(As Range)
Move range r left by one row
Public Sub goRight(As Range)
Move range r right by one row
Public Sub goUp(As Range)
Move range r up by one row
Public Function incrementLastNumberInString(As String,
increment As Integer) As String
Increments the last number found in s by increment.
Inserts a row before the given cell’s row and returns the new row
Public Function insertRowAfter(As Range) As Range
Inserts a row after the given cell’s row and returns the new row
Public Sub reimportVBModule(name As String,
filepath As String)
Removes the VBA module named name from this workbook and tries to import it from the file specified by filepath.
Public Sub removeAllModules()
Removes the complete VBA code from an excel document Note that for this work the macro code needs to have access to the vbComponents.
Public Sub removeRow(As Range)
Removes row r without changing r’s address
Public Function replaceInString(target As String,
replacee As String,
replacer As String) As String
Replaces the first occurence of replacee within target with replacer and returns the resulting string.